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posted : Wednesday, March 9, 2011
title :

wew. It's been a week since I post here in my blog.
at last. Exams are over. ;_;


I hope I can pass it all! wush!
especially in MATHEMATICS! lolololol~

OHH, I miss this! my blog! :)
btw, for those who leave a tag in my tag board, linked you already.
but I chose the blogs I like. sorry for the others.
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what a terrible day yesterday! (3-9-11)
I can't post it here. too personal.

no classes TODAY! YEEA! PARTEEH! \:D/
It's Second year highschool's (NAT) National Achievement Test.

IKR? :) Today, we're going to the mall with my sister and her boyfriend! wush! BONDING. :) excited.
Then, latuur, go to the computer shop! lololol~
(because in our laptop, there is no games here.) XD

we're going to play "LEFT4DEAD"!! haha! :D

err. So that's all for now. :) too tiring to type. lol~


posted : Tuesday, March 1, 2011
title : I was enchanted to meet you.

heyya! :) new post again!

that picture over there? wew. well, that's my favorite song by Taylor Swift.
It's ENCHANTED by her new album Speak Now. <3

too addicted in that song. lol.

and still practicing the chords.

*I was Enchanted to meet you.. <3* lol

that's all baby! :))


posted :
title : I'm back, bloggers!

PEOPLE! :) I'm back! after a day without any posts! lol.
I miss this! :) and many people leava a tag! woohhooo!


that's all worldd!
more updates, still under constructin. ;) lol


posted : Sunday, February 27, 2011
title : Lazy much?

Hey guys! :> This is the last post for the day! :)

Stressing week ahead!
GASH. school AGAIN tmrw. I'm tired!

btw, thanks to all my friends! They made me smile today. :)

have a nice evening to all!
I will miss Posting and tagging!

Bye to ya'll! :D

posted :
title : Practice makes Perfect!

wushu. :> that's me! holding my sister's guitar. hihi. :)

I know. >:P I'm not good playing guitars but, there's a saying that..
"Practice makes Perfect." Right?

There's nothing wrong with that. Just practice harder. And you can perfect it.

I'm just practicing the BASICS only! Im
~ still practicing Taylor Swift's Fearless and You Belong With me.
and playing Enchanted and Back to December by TS too! :) (and with CHORDS for sure) :D

some chords that's sooo difficult for me:

whew. soon to have calluses here on my fingers baby! lol.
that's all for now people. ;) just want to share my activity doing right now. lol.


posted : Saturday, February 26, 2011
title : got that mag! ~

Yea! \:D/ already have the "Taylor Swift Ultimate Fan Guide". \m/

Got that magazine yesterdaayyy! :D

A big Fan of HER. <3

posted :
title : Good Night Everyone! :)

Howdy ya'll! :) nice to imagine your happy faces! lol.

btw, thanks for being a part of my life.. new friend, Wensi!

She's cool, even though she's not. :)

btw, this is my last post for this day!
have a good night & good evening everyone.
(GASH! 1hr before midnight. lol)

BYE everyone! :D